My Little Hero ” A girl that Changed my Life”

Life can be Unfair can’t it ??
About 2 Months ago i heard about a little girl called Haylee Mazzella and she Touched my heart soo much i couldnt sleep for weeks i was just thinking about her she was soo sweet she loved her Family as much as they loved and still love her i dont understand why she was only allowed to spent 4 years on this earth 😦

Baby Girl

Haylee was one of the Girls who enjoyed the “Simple Things” in Life . She enjoyed watching “The Land befor Time” her favorite charackter was Little foot .She loved dancing , she wanted to be a cheerleader when shes older . She alos really loved her little brother she called bubba and he called her Sissy but when Bubba was only 19 months old Haylee got her Angel wings!!

On June 3 2006 while some friend where having a barbeque little Haylee left Forever 😦 Her Stephgrandmother said that she’ll watch over haylee coz her Mummy said she has to come out of the Pool but haylee didnt want to come out yet soo her Mum said she can stay in the pool for a few more minutes coz her stephgrandmother said she ‘ll watch over haylee . But while Haylee was in the pool suddenly her Grandstepmother left in the House without teeling anyone soo little haylee was alone in the pool outsides. Haylee’s mommy started hearing people yelling “Call 911!” & came back outside, thinking someone had hurt their foot or some other minor thing. Instead she saw her 4 year old daughter laying on the ground having CPR done on her. She was lifeless. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital but it was too late… Baby Girl had been under the water for too long & she just didn’t have the strength to come back & stay here where she belongs. She was only 4 years old and would have turned five in a little over a month.

It always makes me Cry when i think about it and i just feel soo bad for her whole Family i never heard about a family that Loves her Children like haylees family Does.Im so Proud of Myself that i have the little really cute haylee Bracelet.And i know that whatever people say Haylee was always smiling and i know shes still smiling right now in heaven .

I was Crying soo much when i was making it and i hope everyone likes it =)


Please light a candel for her on Her Official Memory of Site created by her MeMaw (grandma) and Her Mommy .

Thank you,

Thanks for taking time and reading this

Lot of Love,

P.s I know my English is not Great but i hope everyone understands it !